Eric Steele – The Great plains

Erstwhile rock frontman, playwright and filmmaker, Eric Steele has returned to music with The Great Plains, a country album set in the broad core of America in a post-pandemic world. It’s a continuation of Steele’s captivation with the terra firma at the so-called heart of America, finding a new voice, literally and figuratively, to explore […]

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A Collaboration Between CCM’s Chief Weirdos

A few months ago, two of Christian music’s weirdest teamed up for a Steve Albini produced EP. This new work from Steve Taylor and Daniel Smith may be a one-off, but it offers a chance to stop and appreciate two genius outcasts of a historically buttoned-down industry.

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Smashing Pumpkins – Oceania

It is tough to watch people age, particularly if they are very close to you.  It is common for one to watch his or her unreasonable expectations run, nose-first, into the brick wall of reality.  To watch the strong father you thought would never diminish struggle to tie his shoes.  To watch men and women […]

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